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Marketing Meeting
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Your website is live.  The venture behind that website is ready to go.  So congratulations; you’ve made the first steps in creating an impactful online presence.  However, you still need to connect with your audience.  That’s what marketing is for.  Marketing cuts through the noise to let people know that you exist and funnels them to your website so that they can see your story.

The Marketing Pipeline

This is how the story goes.  At DNA Web Services, we listen to your story so that we can make a great website design.  As we do that, we integrate killer SEO best-practices so that your site ranks well in search engines.  At the same time, we get your hosting details implemented so that everything will run smoothly when we take your website live.  After that, we’ll craft a digital marketing plan with you that matches your story, reaches your audience, and turns random visitors into believers.

Marketing Services

SEO gets your website a high search rank.  It’s important enough by itself that we dedicate ourselves to it in a particular way.  But Internet marketing targets your audience in a more active and focused way.  So we not only get your audience to your website, but we also attract visitors and convert them into new leads, growing your audience.  And that’s not all that we offer.


Do marketing that focuses on location.  If your potential customers choose to have location tracking turned on and perform a mobile search from a place of your choice (e.g., one of your competitor’s stores), then they will see your ad show up in the results.

Map Listing

This is another example of location-based marketing.  Get your business listed in Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or Bing Maps.  Many people choose a business based on how far away it is from their home or current location.  Make it convenient for people to reach you.

Content Marketing

Good writing is a business advantage.  How much of this site have you read?  We’ll write the content for your website as well as we do for our own.  Good marketing needs good story-telling.  And good story-telling needs good writing.  We won’t be finished until you find it captivating.

No Hunches

We are an official Google partner.  That means that we have access to the data.  So we don’t go by hunches.  Instead, all of our decisions are informed by measurable data.  That way, you will get measurable results.  So get in touch with us and we’ll create a digital marketing strategy that gets your story out to your audience.