Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Do you want to rank on the first page of Google? A simple yes, or no will do…

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.


Website Ranking

Do you know that your google business, Google+, Google maps, etc. Aid Your Ranking?

turning the pages of google moving your website to page one

Getting You ON Page One

That’s right. Page one. One of your top goals! We get it, so we set out to accomplish this at a high level.

We beat Dell and Apple.
You read correctly, Don placed our client “Computer” on page one of Google above Dell and Apple. Search phrase “computer financing”.

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Reputation is everything

SEO is not enough in today’s market. Your online reputation will enhance conversions and re-enforce brand recognition with the modern consumer.

  • Get your domain’s e-mail out of junk mailboxes.
  • Take advantage of the ranking power of SSL.
  • 0% downtime means 0% lost leads.
website reputation

SEO Is Ever On The Move.

From the order of content to the description of images as well as proper use of h1, h2, grammar, and so much more. Even changing the size and spacing of text plays a major role. There are no tricks in this process, only hard work, studying and evolving with technology will lend itself to mastering this skill set.

Tools and Techniques

We use a specialized array of industry tools to monitor, adjust and test your site 24/7.

  • Maintain your edge by keeping a keen eye on your competition.
  • Integrate your website visitor data with many other applications, platforms and devices.
  • Security with a quality control system to make sure all sites are operating as intended.


For more insight as to what happens “behind the curtain” give us a call 772-770-4772.

tools and techniques

Overdone SEO

SEO is rich with tools and features to make sure your website rises to the top spots. However, sometimes even the best of us can go a little overboard.

  • “We had SEO. nothing performed.”
  • “We put every key word possible on that page…nothing.”
  • “The pages we tracked did nothing.”

We know… First page. Guaranteed. No Gimmicks. Call us today at 772-770-4772

Featured Services

The following services that are included with your SEO provide insight into the parts of the whole that is Search Engine Optimization. 

google analytics

Google Analytics

Gain access to the same tools and techniques as Fortune 500 companies, that land them on the 1st page of Google.

  • Access real-time data on your site performance.
  • Get expert analysis, and action on your site data.
  • Receive easy to understand language when we describe your site’s performance.

Social Networking

Streamline your social media presence and gain the SEO rewards of monitored exposure.

  • Website posts & updates can be synced with the social network platforms of your choice
  • “Under one roof” tracking for all your social network platforms.
  • Increase conversions with targeting the social channels that work for you.
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Moving You To Page #1

turning the pages of google moving your website to page one

At its core, user experience design is the process of improving user satisfaction of interaction with your website, product or service. There are many factors, like usability, information architecture and design, that contribute to the experience but let’s start from the top…

By promoting relevant and consistent communication throughout the consumer experience, businesses have an opportunity to engage with their audiences like never before.

Get them to want to interact with you.

A web page (website)  should be self-evident, obvious and self explanatory. A user should be able to get what it is and how to use it without expending effort thinking about it.

Results that Outweigh the Investment

We help non-affluent business on their way to being affluent. We invite you to join the family of success and have access to resources & results of Fortune 500 companies. Click the button or call 772-770-4722.

Bringing fortune 500 company level services to small business is what drives me.

Don Mann, Jr.
Founder DNA Web Services


Yeah the elephant in the room, actually an investment in your business.

The question then becomes … is your plan to have:

  • an online business card?
  • a simple site?
  • stay up with your competition?
  • or beat your competition?
Lets Do This
An Elephant In A Room

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Ranking (Increase Your Online Presence)

GET LISTED, BE SEEN and Increase Qualified Traffic!
We’ll evaluate your competition’s presence on the internet and design a plan to increase your exposure over theirs.
SEO and Ranking are now necessary components of almost every website. As search engines grow larger and more complex, so do SEO marketing strategies. Amateurs can rarely, if ever, get better results than professionals.
Complete the form to the right and get your website search engine listing process improved/going…
  1. Search terms (keywords) – User performs a search by entering search terms/keywords.
  2. Ads (pay per click) – In this section Adwords ads appear in the Sponsored Links sections to the right and/or above the organic listings/search results.
  3. Organic / Natural search results – In this section are the organic search results. This is where we come in, we can make major impacts for you in this section (in the illustration you can see “Vero Beach Pressure Cleaning” one of our clients, in the coveted number 1 listing position in this section). Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms (you do not pay search engines for organic listings of your website), as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising.
Ranking your website on Google and other search engines is a process that gets built directly into your website design, content, images and programming to assist search engines in there algorithmic decision making. In other words we assist their computers in understanding where and why your website should be listed.
Success online is not an accident, neither is your website’s listing on Google and other search engines. It’s done on purpose with specific goals in mind.
Targeting such things as:
  • Keywords
  • Business location
  • Business category, etc.
We excel in providing Ethical SEO Services optimizing websites for high search engine ranking, visibility and driving relevant and targeted traffic to your website. Providing full service SEO solutions in a successful and ethically sound manner. The goal and result for each of our clients is to help increase website visitors, online sales and conversions.
Remember with us YOU WILL BE SEEN.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your website or web page in a search engine’s “natural” search results.
Beat Your Competition – Who will get your potential customers attention first?
Most likely, the business that has the highest visibility; that which you will get when we place your website on page one of search engines. We’ll evaluate your competition’s presence on the internet and design a plan to increase your exposure over theirs.
Achieve Higher Sales – Drive more qualified traffic and increase sales.
Reach Targeted Traffic – Reach specifically the customers you want.
By targeting the correct pages in search engines, you reach potential customers that are actually looking for your particular products and/or services. In turn increasing the likelihood they will do business with you.
Not to be confused with pay per click services such as Google Ad Words, although another good tool for businesses to utilize, SEO is not pay per click. It is being correctly listed in the organic search results and has no search engine fees associated with it.
We do, however provide Google Ad Words services for those businesses that will benefit from such an advertising campaign.