With So Many Google Business & Developer Tools

Reaching out through Google to your users/customers can be a daunting task indeed. Take advantage of our no cost internet of things (IoT) business development plan.

DNA Web Services carefully researches all updates before being applied, and then on a site-by-site basis. Our approach helps ensure that you and your clients enjoy an uninterrupted website experience.

WordpresS and Google

Maintaining a winning SEO position with Google means that your site has achieved a qualifying rating that allows the site to bubble up to the surface more effectively, than your competition. Ongoing updates to Google's proprietary search pattern require your website to provide a functional and secure experience in order to avoid being penalized.

A common assumption among customers is that once you successfully install a WordPress website, your task is over. This could not be further from the truth. Updates to the core WordPress program and any applied themes are critical to not experiencing a "broken" site. Ongoing security issues and hacking attempts also require monitoring and application of of security updates, regularly.

  • WordPress (The core program)
  • WordPress (Security Updates)
  • Themes


Tapping into the power of Google services and applications is a good foundation to maintaining your website and search engine optimization. With the ability to share and intelligently apply Googles data within your website is amazing indeed. Customer metrics, inventories and pricing data are easily managed through your website into your accounts. 

Simply Put…

As an agency we have access to more tools and skill sets regarding your Google success. The cost for our consultation & plan building is “Zero $” and just a click away.